EasyBib for GAFE

EasyBibHow often have we asked our students to make sure that they cite their sources when researching? In the past, I would have provided them with a graphic organizer to record their sources as they conduct their research. More recently, I have directed students to use Kid Bib, a web-based application that allows for easier, more accurate citation. This brings me to EasyBib. EasyBib is a Google Document Add-on that is very easy to install and begin using. A user simply needs to select Add-ons from the menu in a Google Document, select Get add-ons, and then select EasyBib from the list of Google Document Add-ons. With EasyBib now installed, all a user needs to do to begin the citation process is select EasyBib Bibliography Creator from the Add-on menu, and then select Manage Bibliography. A sidebar will appear that will allow a user to select the source, and enter a book title, ISBN, keyword, or URL, EasyBib does the rest and inserts the citation directly into the Document with a simply click. Please see the video below. Click on HD in the upper-right corner of the video window for better quality.

I have discovered that EasyBib works with Google Apps for Education, and no software needs to be installed locally, meaning that students simply need to sign into their GAFE account to install and start using EasyBib. No matter what computer a student is using, if they have added EasyBib to their Add-on list, they will be able to use it across multiple platforms as long as they are signed in to their GAFE account.

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