How To Set Up GAFE And Google Classroom


1. Sign into your GAFE account.
2. Add your students to a Contact List with the Mail application. (Remember the Directory feature will allow you to search for your students by name.)
3. Once your Contact List is complete, do a Google search for Google Classroom and go to the Google Classroom site. As long as you haven’t logged out of your GAFE account (Step 1), you will be automatically logged into Google Classroom.
4. Create a new class in Google Classroom and change your theme if you desire.
5. Select the Students menu option and then invite all of the students you added to your Contact List in the Mail application.
6. To create an assignment, remember that in most cases you will have to go to the Drive application.
7. Once you have an assignment created in Google Drive, go back to Google Classroom, click the Assignment button, attach your assignment from Google Drive, fill in all the details and click Assign button.
8. Your students will need to log into their GAFE account and go to their Google Drive to complete the assignment. Once they are finished, they click the Turn In button to send the assignment to you, which you can view, leave feedback, and grade right in Google Classroom.
9. Sit back and monitor which students have completed the assignment.

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