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AirDropping Files in the Classroom

Have students tap to share to your device.

Creating and sharing folders in Google Drive isn’t new, and it’s a great way to have students upload files to a common location, a completed assignment for example. In fact, many iOS apps even have Drive sharing integrated to further streamline the sharing process. However, this may not be the best, or the easiest solution for all of us. Some of our younger learners may experience difficulty logging into GAFE, or the internet connection might be slow. It might be easier, and faster, to share a file using AirDrop.

Teacher Accepts

AirDrop was introduced alongside iOS 7 in the fall of 2013, and it was further refined with iOS8 the following year. Like Airplay, provided you have the right hardware, WiFi enabled, and the latest software installed, it is possible to send numerous types of files from one iOS device to another. Share a photo, contact, URL, or even a video of an assignment created in Explain Everything or iMovie.

Potential situation: A grade 2 teacher borrows a class set of iPads, has students create a simple graphic organizer using the Popplet app, an image of the organizer is saved to the Camera Roll, and then sent via AirDrop to the iPad in the teacher’s hands. The teacher is now in possession of all organizers on a single iPad.

Select Everyone
Select Everyone

Recently, we were with our early years reading buddies, and students used AirDrop to send completed videos of an activity creating in Explain Everything to my iPhone. Since all videos were now stored on my iPhone, I could view them, share to social media, or upload them to Google Drive directly from one device.

Something to consider the next time you have a student ready to submit an assignment.

For AirDrop to function in your classroom, it’s important to mention that “Everyone” must be selected in AirDrop settings when you swipe up from the bottom of your iOS device to reveal Control Center options.


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