Breathe New Life Into Your School’s iPads

iPad SettingsSince its debut on April 3, 2010, the iPad has cemented itself in place as the tablet of choice in the education market. Throughout these years, schools have continued to add iPads to their inventory, but some of these earlier purchases may be starting to show their age. However, with a few simple tweaks in Settings, it’s possible to breathe new life into these iPads by giving them a performance boost. They clearly won’t be able to keep pace with newer hardware, but the results will be noticeable, and these tweaks will add some longevity to a school’s investment.

Update to the newest version of iOS

The most recent versions of iOS are always optimized for the newest hardware, but Apple also optimizes iOS to run on older hardware as well. Additionally, if a school set of iPads are all running the same version, there will be fewer compatibility and consistency issues. If possible, a complete reset and reinstallation of the latest version of iOS is optimal.


Turn on Reduce Motion Feature

Cool animations are nice, but not perhaps at the expense of performance. Turn on the Reduce Motion feature if you’d like your iPad to feel a little snappier.


Turn off Automatic Downloads

Turning off Automatic Downloads will prevent downloads from occurring when your students are relying on the iPads to complete tasks. This will also reduce demand on your school’s WiFi network, and increase battery life.


Turn off Background App Refresh 

This feature is processor intensive. Turning this off on older hardware will not only increase speed, it will have a positive impact on battery life.


Disable Spotlight Search

It’s nice to swipe to the right to do a quick search, but to increase performance, turn off all search sources, or be selective about which ones to leave on. When Spotlight Search is on, the iPad is gathering data from locally-stored content, as well as internet sources. Although convenient, it’s a strain on the processor of older iPads.


Disable Multitasking Gestures

Using four or five finger gestures are certainly convenient, but students rarely use these gestures. Turning them off will provide a small performance boost, and pressing the home button isn’t an onerous task.


Turn off Location Services

Turning off Location Services will not only provide a performance increase, it’s another way to prolong battery life. The GPS is constantly drawing on the battery while using Bluetooth and WiFi to keep your current location up to date.


If you have any other performance-boosting tips, please leave a comment below.

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