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Be a Catalyst for Change

I don’t remember the specifics, but not long ago, a teacher asked if I’d be hosting a Google Hangout to showcase a new ed tech tool, or possibly facilitating a PD session to support teachers. However, I do remember that the tool wasn’t something that was completely familiar to me at the time, but it was highly familiar to this individual. I also remember commenting that you don’t need me to take the lead, you have the knowledge, mindset, and tools at your disposal to reach a wide audience and help build capacity within our system.

The point being, that anyone in our information/knowledge-based economy, provided that they have the passion and desire, can be a catalyst for change. System leaders play an integral part in supporting stakeholders, but they don’t have to be the sole purveyors of knowledge. If a teacher has amazing idea for integrating MakeyMakey within a unit on probability, they can upload a video to YouTube, write a blog post, or host a Google Hangout, and share it all on Twitter! The door is wide open for anyone to be a capacity builder and change agent.

This summer, @sabrinatyrer@dtangredi, and I decided to get Google Level 1 and 2 certified. We learned a lot during this process, and all 3 of us felt an imperative to share what we learned with others in our system. We came up with the idea to host an after-school session, on our own time, and promote our session through our internal email system and Twitter. One day later, all 40 spots were filled, and we are continuing to receive requests to host additional sessions. This wasn’t a system initiative, we simply wanted to support our colleagues. Moreover, by leveraging the tools available at our fingertips, it was possible to reach out and make this happen. If you have something to share, don’t wait for someone else to take the lead, jump in, and take others along for the journey!

3 comments on “Be a Catalyst for Change

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  2. It was actually a combination of your post, & reading Doug Peterson’s Ontario Edubloggers comment on it, that led to this comment of mine. I wonder about the possibility of a U-Service. This was something that our Board tried a couple of years ago. I think that the timing didn’t always make attendance the best, but the thinking behind it is great. People in the Board with something to share submit an application to do so. Tables are set-up around the room — kind of like a Minds on Media — and people move to the different sessions as they want. You get the benefits of the face-to-face connections and the Board push, but you also get the individual voices “from the trenches,” so to speak. I think this idea has potential.


  3. So true! We all have the capacity – but do we have the courage to share what we’ve learned? It reminds me of the first time I went Zip lining. The hardest part is that first leap off the platform. Once you feel the freedom and the rush of adrenaline, you are hooked and each leap gets easier. It’s the same way when I share new learning with my colleagues – whatever the platform may be…after the first successful “leap” it gets easier and even more rewarding.

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