Go Find an Adjacent Possible Buddy


If you’re taking the time to read this post, you likely appreciate the value in being a connected educator. You recognize that your professional learning network is one of your most powerful resources, profoundly shaping everything from your core beliefs, to daily interactions with your students. Moreover, you look to your PLN to explore the adjacent possible – ideas sitting just outside the present that capture the potential of change and innovation. (Steven Johnson)

Today, I’m urging my TVDSB colleagues, as well as anyone else reading this post, to go on a quest. The quest is simple: leverage your PLN to find an adjacent possible buddy to make an idea or vision a reality.

Let’s define an adjacent possibly buddy as someone willing to explore the potential inherent in change and innovation, of pushing the prescribed boundaries of present thinking. Your adjacent possible buddy must be willing to go on an journey with you, and together, you will plan to do something amazing!

Over the years, I have connected with many exemplary educators, and I consider each one of them to be an adjacent possible buddy. These connections have had a profound impact on shaping my practice, my mindset, my drive for change, and my desire to have a positive impact on as many learners as possible. As my PLN continues to widen, the journeys I embark upon with my adjacent possible buddies are increasingly becoming part of the fabric that drives me as a self-proclaimed change agent. If I have an idea, there always seems to be someone with a shared vision, willing to go on a journey to move the idea forward.

My most recent adjacent possible buddy is Oakridge teacher Laura Briscoe. In a recent conversation with Laura, we recognized that we had a shared vision, so it makes sense for us to work together to turn this vision into reality. We’re both very excited to share our vision, but the details will have to wait until next fall.


TVDSB colleagues, there is no better place to search for your adjacent possible buddy than the Tweets from the Valley Twitter list. At the time of writing this post, there are 539 members, all TVDSB educators! Click the link, and follow as many TVDSB tweeters as you like, and when doing so, be on the lookout for your next adjacent possible buddy!


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