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Code On TVDSB!

On my way home this evening, I was reflecting on the tremendous participation demonstrated last week in TVDSB for the Hour of Code. All week, my Twitter feed was full of TVDSB educators sharing how they were participating in the Hour of Code with their students. As the week drew to a close, we identified more than 100 unique Twitter handles from TVDSB educators tweeting to the hashtag #tvdsbcode. Yes, there was a Chromebook to be won, and announcing the winner was certainly a highlight from my week, but I don’t think this was the primary driver for the overwhelming participation. Just a year since the last Hour of Code, I’ve noticed that coding is becoming more firmly rooted in TVDSB, as well as the province, and I’m hopeful that this trend will continue, leading to the addition of coding to the Ontario curriculum. However, this isn’t the focus of this blog post. I wanted to write this post to say thank you to all who participated, especially those who helped in the promotion of this event.

A huge thank you goes out to Lisa Kokenyesi, Erica Morrill, and Brendan and Alex from the Faculty of Education at Western, as well as the students at Byron Southwood and Byron Northview for their help in creating the promo videos below. The time and effort you all spent in the creation of these videos helped to make the week a success! If you haven’t seen these videos, please take the time to have a look.

I’d also like to thank Lisa Floyd for her blog post following the Hour of Code week. Please read Lisa’s post to help keep the momentum going because coding for an hour is a good start, perhaps a hook for many of our students, but it is just a start, not something to be viewed as an item to tick off a checklist. Keep coding, and keep intergrating coding within your teaching practise.

There’s a lot of content in this post. Please scroll right to the bottom. First, you’ll find Lisa’s blog post, next are some Twitter highlights, and finally are all the amazing promo videos. Enjoy!

2 comments on “Code On TVDSB!

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  2. Thanks for sharing all these fabulous ideas for coding. After our CODE session this week, I am inspired to start coding in my DE classroom starting with Scratch and with our OZObots. This is an area of ed tech that I have been really reluctant to start exploring, but now feel energized and ready to dive into!

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