Connecting to the Heart

For this #IMMOOC challenge, I only have 200 words to express how I build relationships and establish a culture of trust in my position. I just used 26.

I am the lead contact for 31 schools in London, Ontario, Canada. When not attending meetings, and planning professional development, I get out to my schools as often as possible to support students, teachers, and administrators.

To move forward, we need to be investing time in cultivating relationships with individuals that have stood out as the innovators within our system. That doesn’t always mean meeting face-to-face, connecting through social media can be just as powerful.

We often, myself included, tend to throw around the phrase ‘capacity building’, but how exactly do we move people from A to B? We do this by building relationships and providing affirmation to our innovators that they are on the right path, that we trust what they are doing, and that risk-taking is valued. In turn, we unleash their talents, empower them to try new things, and instil a level of confidence that will help them become change agents within their schools.

I’ll end this brief reflection, now at 222 words, with a quote from  George Couros, and a challenge to administrators in TVDSB.

Administrators, how do you build relationships and establish a culture of trust in your school? Leave a comment below.


3 comments on “Connecting to the Heart

  1. Sarah Sanders

    Great reflection David – I am glad that I can connect with you on social media. Your support is awesome! Wish we could work more face to face too.

    Love the challenge to admin….but what about a challenge to classroom teachers too? I think that we “front liners” have a lot to contribute to creating the culture in a building and for many the teachers are pushing their admin to be more innovative.

    Would love to see others thoughts about this process too!

  2. Thank you for your comment Sarah. Absolutely, “front liners” have a lot to contribute!

  3. David, we’ll said. You are a remarkable leader who builds up the people you lead. You make me and I’m sure many others want to do better. The twitter coffee connection you led was powerful. Networked educators are the most effective!

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