Change The Culture, Change The School

2During a recent #IMMOOC Twitter chat, I asked about ideas to move resistors forward. It’s not that I don’t have any ideas, but I’m always looking for new strategies to tackle this issue. I’ve often wondered if I’m missing something. Is there a magic wand that I simply need to wave and others will be inspired overnight to embrace change and move full steam ahead? This is what I wanted to know, and although it may not be magical, the advice provided by Amber Teamann and Matt Arend struck me, and I’ve been thinking about it since the chat.

1Leveraging the passion of our innovators and early adaptors is the same advice that I often provide when asked, but I’ve questioned this advice as it seems overly simplistic, self-evident almost. I’m left thinking that this is something they already know, that I’m not telling them anything new. However, there is something quite profound, as Amber states, about taking baby steps and creating a culture that will ultimately lead to fewer resistors. If we slowly chip away at their audience, they will be less reluctant to change. The other, less desirable alternative, is to choose isolation.

Changing the culture in a school will take time. As Matt points out, our resistors will slowly start to ask questions. Let’s also not forget the importance of building relationships along the way. The next time I’m asked for advice about moving resistors forward, I will feel confident in sharing the advice from Amber and Matt. It’s the best advice for our schools to flourish.


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