Google Cast for Education – Cast Any Student’s Chromebook Screen for Free!

Last summer, Google released a Chrome App called Google Cast for Education. I played with it a bit when it first came out, but then put it on the shelf until last week when I joined teacher Mark Stahle and his students. Mark has been looking for a free, and simple solution to cast a student’s Chromebook screen to an external display, like a projector, so I seized this opportunity to dive back into Google Cast for Education. After some troubleshooting, we were successful, and you can be too if you follow these instructions. If you’ve never hear of Google Cast for Education, check out this video, and then follow the steps I’ve outlined to get this working in your classroom.

Step One: Teacher installs the Google Cast for Education Chrome app on the computer attached to the external display. A Google Apps for Education account will be required. After the app has been installed, launch the app, and this Settings window will appear.


Once you click the Save button, you will be presented with this window. Now it’s time to share with your students, so click the Share button.


Step Two: Granting students permission to mirror their Chromebook to a screen is quite easy. Google even provides the ability to grant permission to all students within a Google Classroom. The image below outlines the sharing process.


Step Three: Now that students have been granted permission to share their Chromebook screens to an external display, let’s look at what they need to do on their end to enable casting. The image below shows the icons students can click on to enable casting.

Note: Students will need to also add the Google Cast for Education even though they are not going to be the Receiver.


That’s it! Students are now ready to cast their Chromebook screens to an external display! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Get casting!

1 comment on “Google Cast for Education – Cast Any Student’s Chromebook Screen for Free!

  1. Hi Peter, I hope this helps. Only one student can cast at a time. If another student tries to cast, the previous student’s screen will be removed. As long as the Receiver (usually the teacher), has turned on the setting that asks students to request access, the Receiver will have to grant access. Thanks!

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