My PLN: Not Just About Pushing Thinking

It’s July! Nestled between the end of one year, and the beginning of the next, this month represents a bridge connecting the past, and what’s just around the corner. For me, July is equally a time for reflection, as well as an ideal time to set goals, and begin to explore new opportunities for growth as we ramp up for a new year in September.

When setting goals and exploring new opportunities, I look to the past. With this in mind, I began to scroll through my blog posts from the past year to see where I’m coming from, before I decide where I want to go. As I scrolled through these posts, one post really resonated as it reenforced a lot of what I am feeling at the end of this year, and what I would like to continue to cultivate this coming year. In this post from last June, I shared why my PLN is so important. I wrote about how members of my PLN push my thinking. However, a year later, I now realize it is so much more than pushing my thinking. My PLN has helped me foster positive relationships which has opened doors and acted as a catalyst for new opportunities and growth.

These relationships have had a tremendous influence on shaping my path forward. Admittedly, the realization that others can have a significant influence on one’s growth isn’t new or groundbreaking, but this time it’s different. Feeling the weight of the impact, it is truly personal. I credit the incredible educators in my PLN with helping me raise the bar higher, and see opportunities that I didn’t know existed.

These individuals have become my role models, as such they have created an unceasing momentum that drives me towards challenges, and sometimes pushes me out of my comfort zone. I feel like I live by the manta “If they can do that, I can do it too.” I’m not someone content to settle into routine, or feel comfort in being stagnant in my learning, so that’s fine with me! I’m very excited in knowing that they will continue to help me chart my path forward.

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