TVDSB Educators, Let’s Innovate Together! Don’t Miss this Opportunity!

changeHaving missed the original #IMMOOC (Innovator’s Mindset Massive Open Online Course), I decided to participate the second time it was offered by George Couros. The course spanned several weeks and involved the publishing of weekly blog posts (a great motivator and opportunity for reflection), and participation in weekly Twitter chats. However, the highlight, for me anyway, were the weekly video chats. George invited authors, including A.J. Juliani, John Spencer, authors of Launch and Empower, as well as Shelly Burgess and Beth Houf, authors of Lead Like a Pirate. Let’s also not forget Ontario’s own Jennifer Casa-Todd, author of the recently published book SocialLEADia. #IMMOOC moderators Katie Martin and Tara Martin (no relation) also did an outstanding job facilitating the #IMMOOC experience. Oh yeah, George makes frequent appearances too! To this day, I cannot believe this incredible PD and networking opportunity was completely free! (Don’t change your mind, George.)

I am writing this post to encourage everyone to join, but I am targeting educators within my school district, TVDSB. George proposed school teams for #IMMOOC 3. Since I am not associated with a school, I would like to put together a TVDSB #IMMOOC team, and I am extending an open invitation to my TVDSB colleagues to join me in participating in #IMMOOC 3. It’s a fabulous opportunity for administrators and others in leadership positions. 

What you need to do:

  1. Want to be part of the TVDSB team? I have created a survey that can be accessed here:
  2. Officially register once George shares more information. I’ll keep interested participants informed.


  1. A Twitter account. This is essential.
  2. A blog were you can publish your blog posts. Also essential. If you don’t have a blog, check out these free options – Wix, Weebly, or WordPress. Google Sites will also work.
  3. A copy of The Innovator’s Mindset for weekly reading. (If you don’t have a copy, please indicate so using the survey linked above.)
  4. An open mind. Be ready to be challenged.

If you’re reading this and know of others who may be interested, please email this post to them. 

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