TVDSB PLN, Thank You!

That’s a wrap! Another school year has come to an end. I know many of us are now thinking about our summer plans, so I’ll keep this brief. I just wanted to take a minute to express a heartfelt thank you to all those in my TVDSB PLN.

On so many levels, TVDSB is leading change in Ontario. I hear this at conferences, and in conversations with colleagues at different school boards. I’ve tweeted this a few times, and I’ll say it here again. I’m proud to work for TVDSB. Specifically, I’m proud of the Twitter presence that all of you in my TVDSB PLN have cultivated over the years, especially this year. In my travels, I’m constantly hearing about how Twitter has been the catalyst for building relationships and establishing partnerships not only across Thames Valley, but across the province and beyond.

The #tvdsbtech hashtag has grown well beyond the boundaries of Thames Valley. It has grown to the point where it is receiving provincial recognition as the place to go to garner new ideas, and learn from change agents, like you, who are having a positive impact on the lives of kids and changing the trajectory of the conversation. It’s tentacles will only continue to reach further as we move forward.

By contributing to your TVDSB PLN, you have put yourselves out there; you have stepped outside you comfort zones, and you have seized opportunities to hone your craft. Moreover, you have taken the reins and demonstrated that in order “to be a master teacher, you have to be a master learner.” Take a well-deserved break. Come back rejuvenated, ready to continue to drive change. A final thought to leave with you: We All Have the Potential to Lead. Have a great summer!


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4 comments on “TVDSB PLN, Thank You!

  1. Thanks for your leadership and support in our TVDSB family. This is one awesome PLN to be a part of, and your willingness to share and put yourself out there is a big part of that! Have a great summer!

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